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Domain 1: Individual Learning Differences and Learning Environments

             Domain 1: Individual Learning Differences and Learning Environments

​This domain's focus is on individualized instruction in the classroom and addressing the needs of all students in order to create a learning environment that is meaningful to each of them. Artifacts will demonstrate the following competencies:

1.  Knowledge of Medical Aspects and Implications for Learning​  

2.  Knowledge of Core and Associated Characteristics of Individuals with ASD
3.  Knowledge of Co-Existing COnditions and Ranges that exist in the General Population
4.  Recognition of Sensory Challenges of Individuals with ASD  
5. Understanding Speech, Language, and Communication Needs
6. Addressing Adaptive Behavioral Needs
7.  Knowledge of the Effect of Theory of Mind, Central Coherence, and Executive Function on Learning and Behavior
8. Knowledge of the Effect of Neurological Differences on Learning and Behavior
9. Knowledge of the Effect of Self-Regulation on Learning and Behavior
10.  Plan and Implement Instruction for Independent Functional Life Skills and Adaptive Behavior
11. Use Specialized Instruction to Enhance Social Participation across Environments
12. Plan Systematic Instruction Based on Learner Characteristics, Interests, and Ongoing Assessment

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