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Portfolio of Deborah Parker

I began my journey to the University of Kansas and beyond as a teacher of PreK children with autism ages 3-5. I was seeking knowledge in order to teach my students appropriately, using strategies proven to be successful with students with autism. Since earning an MSE from UK in Special Education, I have moved to Liberty University working toward a doctorate degree in Special Education. I have moved from PreK and now serve as an Autism SUpport Teacher for middle school students and their teachers. I am dedicated to providing supports for my students  and their teachers in inclusive classroom settings so all are successful. Working together, everything is possible!




University of Kansas

Liberty University

I started by earning a Graduate Certificate in Autism, moving onward to earn an MSE in Special Education from KU. I'm not finished yet! I'm now in my first year at Liberty University working towards my doctorate degree in Special Education. Autism continues to be my focus as those students have taken my heart. I am dedicated to continuing my education in order to work toward helping future teachers be prepared to support students with autism in inclusive classroom settings.

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